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Brow Lift Case 1

The areas around the eyes are one of the first regions of the face to age. This is often accompanied by decent of the eyebrows, extra eyelid skin, and laxity of the ligaments surrounding the eye sockets.  This 46 year old woman had facial rejuvenation via a brow lift and fat transfer.


Brow Lift Case 1

A natural looking brow lift is expected in contemporary facial cosmetic surgery.  A brow lift may be combined with multiple procedures such as eyelid surgery, skin resurfacing, and face lifts.


Brow Lift Case 2

Brow lifts open up the eyes and make patients look rested and vibrant. One of the techniques Dr. Diepenbrock uses also helps to release the skin from the underlying muscle thus eliminating deep wrinkles.


Brow Lift Case 2

The Arch of the brow is an important feature to give a youthful and feminine appearance.  A female brow should be slightly arched.  The final results should never give a "surprised" or "artificial" look.

brow 27

Brow Lift Case 3

She was initially interested in removing the upper eyelid skin.  During her consultation, it was noted that by simply putting the eye brows in the proper location, the excess eyelid skin was no longer apparent.  No eyelid surgery was required.


Brow Lift Case 4

This 59 year old woman who wanted to "look refreshed".  She underwent a brow lift and full face chemical peel.  She was very pleased because she didn't look "operated on" or "fake".


Brow Lift Case 5

What a difference a couple of hours can make.  At 64 year old, she was concerned with the area around her eyes.  She elected for a brow lift, upper eyelid blepharoplasties, and skin resurfacing.


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Brow Lift Case 7



Brow Lift Case 7



Brow Lift Case 7


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