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Case 53

Fat Transfer Case 1

Fat is a permanent filler that is used to help support deficiencies in skin, muscle, and bone.  In a youthful lower eyelid, there is a smooth transition from the lid to the cheek.

Fat was placed below the eyelids to create this smooth transition.

Case 54

Fat Transfer Case 1

Fat is harvested or collected from the thighs or abdomen, purified, and then placed in areas requiring additional volume.  Many times patients complain of looking tired and having "bags" under his/her eyes.  Sometimes these "bags" need to be removed, but in many circumstances, the area may be grafted to provide a full and youthful look.


Fat Transfer Case 2

This case is a great example of how the aging face may first present as hollowing around the eye region.  In addition to fat, Dr. Diepenbrock also adds platelet rich plasma to the fat he transfers.  The PRP helps to stimulate healing and blood vessel growth into the newly transferred fat. It may helps to increase the amount of fat that will stay after healing.


Fat Transfer Case 2

One year after fat transfer, the tear troughs are softened and filled.  The eye region is more youthful and she has the renewed look she set out to obtain.


Fat Transfer Case 3

Fat is a great adjunct with other procedures.  This woman had a combined face and neck lift, skin resurfacing, and fat transfer.  Often times, Fat grafting is the "icing on the cake".


Fat Transfer Case 3

In addition to the areas around the eyes and the cheeks, fat may be transferred to the lips, chin, jaw angle, temples, upper eyelids, eye brows, and deep folds around the nose and lips.  This relatively quick procedure can be done under sedation or general anesthesia.  The post-procedure pain is minimal, and with the exception of minor bruising and swelling, the recovery is easy.

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