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Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 1

Wrinkles or rhytids are caused by the fibers that adhere the skin to the underlying muscles.  When the muscles contract (shorten) it pulls against the skin.  Neurotoxins (Botox® & Dysport™) relax the muscles so their pull against the skin is weakened.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 2

As we age, the wrinkles become deeper and are present at rest.  Although Botox® & Dysport™ will not alleviate wrinkles at rest, they will help to soften and make the wrinkles less prominent.  The forehead, areas between the eyes (11's), and crow's feet are the most commonly treated regions.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 3

It is important to have your Botox® & Dysport™ injected by someone with experience.  There is no cookie cutter way to inject patients.  Each patient is customized.  It is possible to selectively treat some portions of the muscles more or less than other areas.  As you can see in this example, the "art" of the injections makes it possible to give a "chemical brow lift".  Botox® was used to arch and elevate the eye brows resulting in a youthful appearance.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 4

Dr. Diepenbrock takes great pride in his injections.  He completes all the injections himself and is often complemented on his relatively painless technique.  This quick procedure helps to reduce the signs of aging as well as prevents wrinkles from appearing in younger patients or worsening in those who already have them.



Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 5

Renewed and refreshed!  The results speak for themselves.  Dr. Diepenbrock lectures on Botox® & Dysport™ injection techniques and instructs novice and advanced injectors alike.  In order to become proficient at injections, it takes more than a weekend course.  It takes years of practice and training.


Fine Lines and Wrinkles (Botox® & Dysport™) Case 6


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