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Brow and Forehead Rejuvenation Surgery

The eyebrows begin to descend over time.  This, in conjunction with saggy eyelids, can lead to a tired and somber look.

Many patients tell me in their consultation that they feel happy, but friends and family tell them they look sad or angry.

The technique of brow lifting is much more involved than simply pulling up the eyebrows.  Attention to detail is important and customizing each brow lift to the individual is crucial to avoid the “surprised” look.

There are numerous techniques available to lift the eyebrows.  Each technique has certain advantages and disadvantages.  Dr. Diepenbrock customizes each lift to meet his patients’ individual needs and expectations.

Nearly 25% of Dr. Diepenbrock’s brow lifts are preformed on men.  Special attention must be placed to avoid “feminizing” a man’s brow.

Case Study #1

The majority of the time, both the eye brows and eyelids need lifted. Occasionally, as in this example, simply lifting the eye brows will relieve the heaviness of the lids as well.

Case Study #2

Not only does the particular brow lift technique used lift the brows to a more youthful position, it also helped to alleviate the deep wrinkles in the forehead.

Case Study #3

There are multiple anesthesia options for a brow lift.  Many times the procedure can be performed under sedation rather than being "put to sleep".  This technique helps to speed post-surgical recovery with less nausea and vomiting.  All of Dr. Diepenbrock's surgeries are done at an accredited surgery center.

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“Dr. Diepenbrock is the absolute best! He is honest, takes time to explain things thoroughly and answers any questions you have. I have gotten Botox, lip filler and tear trough filler and everything he has done on me is absolutely perfect!” Kari Comack