Ear Reconstructive Otoplasty Plastic Surgery

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Case Study #1

There are few procedures more rewarding to both the patient and the surgeon as an otoplasty.  An otoplasty should always look natural and "fit" the patient.

Case Study #3

Setting back the ears can be completed with other procedures.  With the techniques implemented by an experienced surgeon, there should be little chance of relapse.

Case Study #2

Setting back the ears gives the patient the confidence that he or she may have lacked for years.  This procedure may be performed while "asleep" or with "sedation".

Case Study #4

Recreating the folds of the ears helps to reposition the outer ear closer to the head.  This gives a cosmetic look that should last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Ear Surgery

For many people, the ears have been an issue of teasing and ridicule throughout their lives.  Although one’s ears may function normally, aesthetics acquired at birth or through self-modification, can lead to significant self-confidence issues.

During an otoplasty, the bowl of the ear can be reduced in order to set back the ear closer to the head. By reshaping and recreating this fold, the ear is able to sit in a more aesthetic position. An otoplasty can be a positive, life changing surgery that can restore confidence to the patient.

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