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Fat Transfer Surgery Procedure

The process of facial aging is a combination of loss of skin elasticity, facial bone loss, weakening of the supporting facial structures, and atrophy or wasting of facial fat.  In combination, these processes leave the face lacking fullness in aesthetic areas while making other areas appear loose and full.

Contemporary Cosmetic Surgeons have a keen eye to identify where things need to be lifted, tightened, and removed vs. which areas require more volume.  Taking fat from one area of your body and placing it somewhere else is known as autologous fat transfer (grafting).

Full cheeks, temples, and the areas surrounding the eyes are key to a natural and youthful appearance.  Fat transfer is a relatively quick and minimally invasive procedure that rejuvenates these and other areas to help establish a refreshing look.


Case 1

Many fillers are available to restore facial volume.  One advantage of fat transfer is its ability to be a much longer lasting and even a permanent filler.  Fat is taken from the abdomen or leg, separated and purified, and then transferred to areas of the face that have lost volume and/or shape.


Case 1

In this patient, fat was taken from the legs, purified, platelet rich plasma was added, and placed in the areas around the eyes and cheeks.  After one year, the results are evident.  The eye brows are elevated, the tear troughs and region under the eyes are fuller and more youthful.


Case 2

In addition to adding volume to the face, the transferred fat may also have the advantage of refreshing the skin.

Fat can be grafted as a solo procedure or as an adjunct technique with face lifts, eye lid and brow surgery, or any other procedure where volume is needed.

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