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Rhinoplasty 57

Rhinoplasty Case 1

This young woman stated she didn't like the bump on her nose.  In addition to removing the hump and establishing a more aesthetic nasal dorsum, the tip of her nose was slightly lifted to further feminize her profile.


Rhinoplasty 58

Rhinoplasty Case 1

From the front, what is most noticeable is the narrowed nasal tip.  The width of the nose was also narrowed and straightened.



Rhinoplasty Case 2

After a rhinoplasty by another surgeon, this patient was left unsatisfied with not only the appearance of her nose, but the function as well.  Her tip was too bulbous and over rotated.  The bridge of the nose was over treated, and she has collapse of the structure inside the nose.



Rhinoplasty Case 2

Using cartilage, the inside of the nose was repaired, the tip was rotated downward as well as refined to give a triangular shape.

Rhinoplasty 61

Rhinoplasty Case 3

In addition to his cosmetic concerns, he wanted to improve his breathing. Deformities that affect breathing may also affect the external appearance of the nose.  After completion of a septoplasty to correct his deviated septum, and a turbinoplasty to open up the inside of the nose, this gentleman was pleased with his improved cosmetic appearance as well as his ability to breath.


Rhinoplasty 62

Rhinoplasty Case 3

Taking off a large hump may provide a more aesthetic look, but can lead to significant breathing problems if key components of the nose are violated. When doing a rhinoplasty it is important to maintain or improve the function of the nose.  Sometimes grafts are placed to keep the nasal passages working properly.

Rhinoplasty 63

Rhinoplasty Case 4

She presented for a rhinoplasty consultation stating "It looks like I have a ball on the tip of my nose."  She also thought her nose was over-rotated or "turned upward".

Rhinoplasty 64

Rhinoplasty Case 4

The tip of her nose was narrowed and defined.  Additionally, the nasal tip was modified to give less of a rotated appearance.


Rhinoplasty Case 5

An under rotated nasal tip is a concern that many people have.  During an rhinoplasty, the tip of the nose can be moved into a more obtuse angle to feminize the tip.

Rhinoplasty 66

Rhinoplasty Case 5

The female nose has a slightly sloped appearance from the bridge to the tip.  A female's nasal tip is more rotated than a male's nose.  A rhinoplasty can help to achieve this appearance.  This patient's final results show how natural a rhinoplasty can look.

Rhinoplasty 68

Rhinoplasty Case 6

After nasal trauma, the nose may not only look less aesthetic, but the function may be compromised.  After addressing the functional issues, a graft was placed to flatten out the dorsum.

Rhinoplasty 69

Rhinoplasty Case 6

Straightening out a crooked nose can be challenging.  After a combination of grafting cartilage and resetting the bones, a straight nose was obtained.

Rhinoplasty 70 eyes blocked

Rhinoplasty Case 7

Dr. Diepenbrock always strives for a natural look.  Each nose is different and is customized to meet the patient's functional and cosmetic needs. Over treating a nose may result in an artificial or operated appearance. The tip of her nose is narrowed but not overdone.

Rhinoplasty 71 eyes blocked

Rhinoplasty Case 7

The profile view demonstrates a the reduction of the hump, rotation of the tip of the nose, and adding additional projection to balance out the contour of her face.

Rhinoplasty 72 eyes blocked

Rhinoplasty Case 7

In addition to her rhinoplasty, she was placed on a skin care regimen. Her skin became clear and brilliant.  These two treatments combined resulted in a natural and youthful look.

Rhinoplasty 73

Rhinoplasty Case 8

After previously undergoing surgery by another surgeon, she was left with a crooked nose with significant breathing challenges. Her breathing was corrected with grafts to open up the nasal passages then the nasal bones were straightened. Now the tip of the nose is in the middle of the face and the width is symmetrical.


Rhinoplasty Case 9

After orthognathic (corrective jaw) surgery, this patient was so pleased with the results that she decided to have her nose treated as well.

Rhinoplasty 65

Rhinoplasty Case 10

This young woman wanted a more feminized look.  By reducing the hump while rotating and narrowing the tip, a beautiful result was obtained.


Rhinoplasty Case 11

Subtle changes can make a huge difference.  By adding length to the tip of the nose, the facial balance is much improved.  Most importantly, her breathing has been corrected allowing for improved function.


Rhinoplasty Case 11

A slightly concave or sloped nasal dorsum (bridge) is a very femanizing and aesthetic appearance.  Add in a small amount of rotation to the tip of the nose, and you end up with a fantastic result.


Rhinoplasty Case 12

Some patients present with significant breathing issues.  For this gentleman, being able to breath with his primary concern.  Although aesthetics were second on his list, there were a few cosmetic concerns he wanted to address.  After reconstructing the inside of his nose, small, but effective changes were made to the tip and bridge to bring them back to the middle of his face.


Rhinoplasty Case 12

A great "worms eye view" to show how the tip was corrected as well as the nares (nostrils) were opened to improve breathing.


Rhinoplasty Case 13

No two noses are the same.  Patients' expectations also vary.  This 23 year old woman wanted to maintain the characteristic of her ethnicity. Not every patient wants a "Westernized" nose.  Part of the challenge of a rhinoplasty is to make effective, noticeable, and aesthetic change without "over-doing" it.


Rhinoplasty 60

Rhinoplasty Case 13

She did not want a ski-sloped appearance, so the nasal tip was rotated upward, which softened the slight hump.  One year out, the patient was extremely pleased and grateful that she could maintain her identity.


Rhinoplasty Case 14

This patient presented after a previous rhinoplasty complaining of a short and "stubby" nose.  She also had breathing difficulties due to a collapsed airway.  After rebuilding the inside of the nose, grafts were placed to extend and project the tip.



Rhinoplasty Case 14

From this view, it is evident that her nose is more triangular in shape, better projected, and more symmetrical.


Rhinoplasty Case 15



Rhinoplasty Case 15



Rhinoplasty Case 15



Rhinoplasty Case 15



Rhinoplasty Case 16



Rhinoplasty Case 16


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