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Volume Enhancement 50

Cheek Implants Case 1

The aging process takes it toll on the skin, muscles, fat, ligaments, and bone.  As we age, the supporting structures of the face begin to sag.  Fillers such as the Restylane, Juvéderm lines provide a temporary fix by expanding the tissue to support the skin and muscles.  Fat is a permanent solution, but has its limitations when a volume is needed.  Facial implants provide a permanent solution for volume loss with a natural look and feel.

This patient also had a brow lift. lower eyelid blepharoplasties, and cheek implants.  She did not require upper lid blepharoplasties.


Cheek Implants Case 2

As evident in this photo, cheek implants give the face a full and youthful appearance.  Through a small incision in the mouth, the implants are inserted and fixed in place.  The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes.

This woman also had a face and neck lift and upper eyelid blepharoplasties.

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Cheek Implants Case 3

Cheek implants give a very natural look.  During the procedure, multiple sizes are placed to help choose the best size and shape for each patient.

In addition to facial implants, he underwent corrective jaw surgery  to realign his top and bottom jaw.

Volume Enhancement 53

Cheek Implants Case 3

Providing balance to the cheeks helps to facilitate facial harmony. Without the implants, this patient's middle face would remain sunken and hollow.

Volume Enhancement 54

Chin Implant Case 1

In an aesthetic face, the chin and nose are harmonious.  A small chin may give the impression of an elongated and over-projected nose. Many patients who come in to have their nose "shortened" actually benefit from modifying and lengthening the chin.  The chin implant may be placed through a small incision below the chin or through the mouth.

Volume Enhancement 55

Pre-Jowl Implant Case 1

This woman had her chin surgically advanced by another surgeon.  She came to me with a complaint of "My chin looks too big and now I have jowls."  After evaluation, it was noted that her chin was in good position, but the prior chin surgery left a void that accentuated her jowls.  An implant was placed on both sides behind the chin to smooth out the defect.

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